Monday, November 06, 2006

darebin creek is shithouse

on thursday (the day I got back from Tassie where they have quality rivers) Me, Smelly and AlexC paddled Darebin creek. Smelly and me wanted to go to Gardiners, but alex had been suggesting we go to Darebin for a while. Where as gardiners has quality playholes darebin has.....

shopping trolleys....

luckily on Saturday me smelly and anthony went to Flinders for a surf. The conditions wern't huge, but smell was throwing down some massive airblunts.... meanwhile I was trying to stay in control and not end up on my offside and anthony....well he was just being anthony!


Blogger Simon said...

I heard you engaged in some other watersports recently, allegedly you were very extreme, I'm sure your adoring pubic would like to hear all about it.

11:43 PM


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