Sunday, October 22, 2006

we went sea kayaking

14 oct 2006

so we were going to paddle a river, but some carnies from Latrobe Uni decided the river would be on (bush)fire so we didn't go. Went out to Flinders for a sea kayak instead. It was a fairly farken windy day, and the swell was on the larger side of relaxing. Hence by the time me and Bron (the sheila who was in the sea kayak with me) got out an appreciable distance I was slightly concerned. So we went back in.

Above: Bron in front in the sea kayak. I'll conceed that it doesnt look massive

After we went in, Lach and Rog went out. Lach hasn't paddled since his infamous 'bilateral shoulder dislocation' eposiode on the East Kiewa last year, and Roger effectively dispelled any concerns Lach might of had by ignoring them. Their plan was to paddle north and get out at the sheltered beach around the point. Unfortunately they didnt quite make it, having copped a big wave, flipped over and swam. Luckily the wind blew them back to shore as an offshore wind might have seen them in Tassie. I think Lach was not so secretly hoping that fate would befall rog...

As a result of this they ended up on a relatively innaccessible beach, and it took us about half an hour of hard slog to get the pain the arse double sea kayak up the track that had not been designed for carrying 5m+ sea kayaks up

above: Roger wearing the helmet (while sea kayaking) should have been warning enough for Lach - warning that this was not going to be your normal garden variety sea kayaking.